SWE/Roboticist, AutoRoboto at Google Research (January 2019 - March 2021)

  • Built custom infrastructure for 3 robotic platforms and related hardware in C++ and Python on Linux.
  • Provided robotics and infrastructure subject matter expertise to researchers on a variety of robotic research projects.
  • Lead integration to replace custom research team infrastructure with standardized infrastructure, taking advantage of larger tooling efforts.
  • Reviewed and contributed to 4 papers published at the Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL).

CoRL 2020: Video Proceedings Co-Chair (November 2020)

  • Wrote video standards and coordinated 165 submissions within a two week timeframe.
  • Automated processing of videos and generation of YouTube descriptions with Python scripts.

Graduate Research Assistant, Personal Robotics Group, Oregon State University (September 2016 - November 2018)

  • Conducted research into self-driving wheelchairs using real world constraints such as cost and usability.
  • Competed in an international competition in Dubai.
  • Demoed the self-driving wheelchair to the wheelchair manufacturer in Sweden.
  • Improved uptimes and reliability of the hardware by improving the interfaces written in C++, Python and Robot Operating System (ROS).
  • Redesigned the onboard network, reducing cost, complexity and bulkiness while adding wireless connectivity for debugging and remote access.
  • Developed a wheelchair serial driver in C++ and ROS removing the need for a Raspberry Pi and custom PCB.
  • The improvements in the networking hardware and implementation of the serial driver greatly reduced the system footprint and brought installation time down from 45 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Added logging to Go Baby Go Project (low-cost mobility platforms for infants with disabilities) in collaboration with the Kinesiology department, unblocking data collection for on going research.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Senior Level Instrumentation and Measurements, OSU (Fall 2017, Winter 2018)

  • Taught student labs in a one-on-one setting, as well as group settings (groups of 30). Material covered Electrical Fundamentals, Arduino Programming, and Sensor Integration.
  • Coordinated and provided scoping and support for 38 unique group projects for a class of 126 students.

Electrical Engineering Intern, SuitX (June 2016 - September 2016)

  • Redesigned and updated 14 custom PCBs in EagleCAD for both medical and industrial exoskeletons.
  • Established the workflow and standards for electrical design and validation for the company.
  • Manually consolidated multiple divergent part libraries into a centralized version controlled library.
  • Wrote standard operating procedure for concurrent PCB development.
  • Added version control and release procedures to system PCBs for future traceability between PCB and designs.
  • Designed, built and supported the company network.

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Personal Robotics Group,Oregon State University (June 2013 - May 2016)

  • Initiated research and began development on a self driving wheelchair project.
  • Designed, built and evaluated several iterations of a self driving wheelchair, including taking the system to Boston and Santa Cruz to work with ALS patients for real world testing.

Electrical Team Lead, Oregon State Mars Rover Team (October 2011 - July 2013)

  • Led a team of four to design and fabricate the electronics and RF system for the 2011-2013 OSU Mars Rover.


  • Masters of Science: Robotics, Oregon State University, Advisor Dr. William Smart (2018)

    Researched semi-autonomous wheelchairs for people with extreme physical disabilities (ALS, Quadriplegia and SMA).

  • Bachelor of Science: Computer Science, Oregon State University (2016)

  • Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University (2016)

Awards, Papers and Acknowledgement